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Cardinal Griffin

Careers Programme

Careers Lead: Mrs L Wynne-Jones – Assistant Headteacher


01543 502215 (ext. 212)

Level 6 Independent Careers Advisor: Jackie Flint

Email: careers@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk

Link Governor – Mr P Snape

Statement of Intent and purpose

Cardinal Griffin Catholic College has always recognised that high quality careers guidance can make a major contribution to the whole school vision.

Good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) connects learning to the future, and it has never been more important and relevant for young people than it is today. We also embrace the Catholic Church and encourage students to discern about their vocation – a call from God.

Many people only use the term ‘vocation’ to talk about priests, monks and religious sisters. But this can be misleading and unhelpful. The Church believes that God calls each and every person into existence and then calls us to be a living sign of his love for the world. We are created out of love and we are created to love. God calls people too many different kinds of work, ranging from paid work to care of family members. Work on its own does not give meaning to life however; it is human beings who make work meaningful. ‘Work constitutes one of the fundamental dimensions of a person’s earthly existence and of their vocation.’ Diocesan Vocation Office, Birmingham.

The aim of our vision is to provide an educational environment that enables every person to achieve their full potential within a supportive, caring and aspirational setting. Students go on to leave the college, fully equipped to be a well-rounded citizens who can make a full contribution to a dynamic modern Britain and world community.

Our Aims

The careers programme supports students to explore who they are, what is important to them and what they would like to achieve in their lives and aims to: 

  • Equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to make well informed decisions at key transition points in learning and work, through a bespoke programme of careers education.
  • Work in partnership with employers, training providers, further education and higher education institutions, to provide a wide range of opportunities that will inspire students through real-life contact with the world of work.
  • Empower students to consider a broad range of options (including academic, vocational, apprenticeships) and develop an ambitious outlook that will inspire and motivate them to achieve their personal best.
  • Provide personalised and impartial information, advice and guidance to support students to develop and manage their own progression through learning and work.
  • Raise aspiration, value and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.


Proudly working in partnership with The Careers and Enterprise Company and Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire Careers Hub.

Careers and Enterprise Company

Virtual Work Experience

Due to the unpreceded situation with COVID 19 we have had to reassess the programme for work experience in school for this academic year. We value the importance and need for work experience for our students allowing them the opportunity to gain an understanding and insight of the world of work. The uncertainty that COVID 19 brings means that unfortunately students will be unable to go into the work place due to the risks involved, and so we have purchased a virtual programme which will enable students to explore the world of work and also gain an understanding of what will be expected of them such as required qualifications,  working hours, responsibilities, skills and qualities. It also enables students to explore different career pathways which in turn can support them in planning for their future steps.

Below is an outline of what is included in the virtual work experience programme:








Start Careers Platform





Start is a free, online careers platform designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential. It combines the most comprehensive source of information with a personalised experience and career planning tools, helping our students to make more informed decisions about their future study and career options, as well as developing their employability. Start includes:

  • A student profile: students build their profile and access personalised study and career information.
  • Modules: activities to guide students through the information on Start at the right time.
  • Up to date information: engaging content on what to study, where to learn and the world of work.
  • Locker: an online record of achievement to evidence skills for future applications and CVs.
  • Employability action plan: Students can set goals and stay in control of their career planning.


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