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Cardinal Griffin

Catholic Life and Mission


The distinct Catholic ethos of the college creates an environment where all pupils are enabled to thrive. We wish our pupils to be grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day. We want them to be generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others. We hope to develop daily habits which in turn will become the values that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce well rounded, well-educated and mature men and women of conscience, compassion and competence who are committed to follow the example of Christ living their lives as “Men and Women for Others”.


Our Mission statement, carefully created by our pupils:


Serve with compassion.

Inspire through action.

Create a better today! 


Living out our Mission Statement

We are an inclusive college and families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome here. Our mission is to know our pupils, understand them, challenge and support them so that they grow to be fulfilled, purposeful and happy members of society who care in the proper sense for others and themselves.

As an associate Jesuit school, our model of chaplaincy stems from The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, published in 1986 but has been specifically developed to meet the needs of students and staff at Cardinal Griffin Catholic College.

There are eight key areas that we identify:

·         Spiritual and Pastoral Care

·         Worship

·         Prayer

·         Social Outreach

·         Leadership

·         Involvement in the Life of the Church

·         Encounter with the person of Jesus Christ


‘Reigniting our Mission’ - Monday 13th September 2021

On Monday 13th September the whole college took part in activities throughout the day in evaluating our mission as a Catholic community. We were supported by Sr Judith Russi who, with the support of our Sixth Form students led us in our reflections during the day.

Sr Judith began the day sharing our mission as a catholic community to care for the common good. We reflected on key inspirational young leaders in the world such as Great Thunberg and Francisco Vera. Sr Judith shared ideas around ‘What is a Mission Statement?’ Pupils across the college were then asked to come up with 6 ‘driver words’ to form a mission statement and developed these words into straplines.

Over lunchtime a writing group comprised of; staff, pupils, Sixth Form Council, Lay Chaplain, PICCL, Headteacher and governors worked to decide upon two statements which we then put to a whole college vote. We were delighted to welcome our chair of governors virtually and Angela in person during the day.

The statement that received 75% of the vote was:

Serve with compassion.

Inspire through action.

Create a better today!


It was lovely to witness our Sixth Form students in a leadership role. They really did drive the day and acted as wonderful role models to our pupils.

The College community was delighted that Governors ratified the college mission statement in January 2022. Our plan is to now embed our new college mission statement in all that we do making Christ known today.


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