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Cardinal Griffin


The college judges its Catholic life to be outstanding. This is broadly reliable, because the college makes extensive and effective provision, with links to the framework of the Jesuit Institute integrated within its life as a diocesan school…….The vibrant Catholic life of the college is evident through opportunities for collective worship or quiet reflection, displays around the building, and all interpersonal contacts... Works of charity are encouraged across the college, and each year group has a responsibility in this.

Diocesan Inspection Report April 2016

Jesuit schools are fortunate to be guided by a well-developed statement of the characteristic features which contribute to a recognizably Jesuit style of education:

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, published in 1986 for worldwide use across all 3,780 Jesuit schools, colleges and universities. Our model of chaplaincy stems from this but has been specifically developed to meet the needs of students and staff at St Ignatius.

There are eight key areas that we can identify:

  1. Spiritual and Pastoral Care
  2. Worship
  3. Prayer
  4. Social Outreach
  5. Leadership
  6. Involvement in the Life of the Church
  7. Encounter with the person of Jesus Christ



The whole college day offers pupils and staff opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ.

There are set times of prayer and reflection. Each piece of work that the pupils prepare is marked at the top with AMDG, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, (for the greater glory of God).

The College also makes provision for the pupils to take time out from their busy schedules and to have a day of retreat/reflection with their year group.

Each day, the college community participates in the daily Examen from 1210-1215. During this time the pupils learn about mediation and personal prayer and are provided with the opportunity to experience Ignatian meditation in order to encounter Christ.

The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team are each given responsibility to prepare the reflections and to lead the liturgies which take place during the year.

Older members of the team train and teach the younger members to serve at Mass. They also help to prepare and lead assemblies.

Each year, the Senior Student Leadership Team attend a Leadership Conference at the Mount St Mary’s and the Sixth Form Leadership Conference.

Direct links are developed with local parishes and priests from the local deanery. The college leads two Masses each year.

Reconciliation Services take place during Advent and Lent and are attended by local priests.

A number of pupils and staff have been trained as Eucharistic Ministers and many of the pupils are readers and servers at Mass.