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Cardinal Griffin

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Through the pursuit of excellence in all we do and by caring for the whole person we produce grateful and generous, learned and wise young men and women of conscience, compassion and competence dedicated to “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.”

(St Ignatius Loyola, a founding father of the Society of Jesus.)

We are an 11-18 state college, founded in 1960 within the Archdiocese of Birmingham and, and an Associate Jesuit School. Catholic schools are characterised by their Christian mission, in addition we embrace an Ignatian identity. The following vision of Jesuit schools comes from one of the key documents on Jesuit education:


Jesuit schools should be places where people are believed in, honoured and cared for; where natural talents and creative abilities are recognised and celebrated; where individual contributions and accomplishments are appreciated; where everyone is treated fairly and justly; where sacrifice on behalf of the economically poor, the socially deprived and the educationally disadvantaged is commonplace; where each of us finds the challenge, encouragement and support we need to reach our fullest individual potential for excellence; where we help one another and work together with enthusiasm and generosity, attempting to model concretely in word and action the ideals we uphold. 


We are an inclusive college and families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome here. Our mission is to know our pupils, understand them, challenge and support them so that they grow to be fulfilled, purposeful and happy members of society who care in the proper sense for others and themselves.

Our Values

We proudly embrace the guiding principles of the Catholic faith and the Jesuit approach to teaching and learning. These core values have stood the test of time: they are simple, effective and universal. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce well rounded, well-educated and mature men and women of conscience, compassion and competence who are committed to follow the example of Christ living their lives as “Men and Women for Others”.

Holistic Education; The pursuit of finding God in all things.

We recognise that each life is unique and that every part of us needs to be nourished. We challenge our pupils to help them grow holistically. To develop the whole we offer a broad curriculum and devote time to exercises that nourish the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, artistic, and physical dimensions of each person. 

The Magis; For the Greater Glory of God

This is a core concept in Jesuit education. We expect the best from everyone and we aim for the higher standards in all things. We set ambitious targets for our students and carefully monitor their academic performance. We seek excellence in music, in sport and in every subject, hobby, pastime, project and co-curricular activity that our students engage in, both inside and outside the classroom. All of our actions celebrate the majesty and glory of God. 

Cura Personalis; The care of each individual.

In our college, we insist on respect for the dignity and potential of everyone because we all are God’s creation. We believe that all life is precious, that all are persons of value whatever our different talents or role in the college may be. We value everyone. We are ambitious for everyone. We seek out their talents and we develop them.

Contemplative in Action: The Spirit of Gratitude

We want to develop an appreciation for life and a gratitude for the many gifts and talents given to us. Through the daily Examen, assemblies, and liturgies, we make a point of giving thanks, and celebrate all that is good in our college life and the world. In addition, we expect our pupils to make a real difference for good through their day to day actions and deeds. Jerome Nadal, one of Ignatius' closest companions, described Ignatius as “ in all things, actions, conversations, he felt and contemplated the presence of God  and the attraction of spiritual things”. Contemplation and action go hand in hand, not one or the other. 

Maturity; The Growth of our students in freedom and responsibility.

From the time the pupils first join us, we focus our attention on their growth and on their journey towards greater freedom and responsibility. At every stage of the process we challenge our pupils to grow through a broad academic curriculum with wide subject choices and a diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, numerous sports and hobbies. 

Sharing Joy in Community

We are a place that celebrate successes and achievement. We reach out to each pupil individually. We want our pupils to love coming to college surrounded by a supportive community.  

The presumption of positive intent

In the spiritual exercises, St Ignatius encourages us to be, “more ready to put a good interpretation on another’s statement than to condemn it as false” (Spiritual Exercises 22). We encourage our students and staff to turn away from cynicism and to be positive about life and in their working together. Without being naive, we encourage them to always look to the positive, assuming that everyone who works, lives and studies here wants what is best for the college and the whole community.