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Cardinal Griffin

Expressions of Interest - Syntax Prom

We currently have our annual Syntax prom scheduled for the 7th July 2021. Under current government plans, the UK will be 'out of lockdown' on the 21st June, but we are still unsure as to what the 'new normal' will be, or if this will happen at all. Guidance has not yet been issued on whether mass events will be allowed to go ahead or, if they are allowed, whether any restrictions or stipulations will be in force. The government are currently undertaking experiments to establish the degree of risk at larger events; this information has not yet been published. It is likely that testing and tracing will be in force IF larger events are allowed to proceed, and pupils will likely have to evidence a negative result on the day in order to attend.
Under normal circumstances, there is a minimum number of 100 attendees in order for the Prom to go ahead at The Moat House. This also needs to be taken in to consideration, as numbers must be confirmed prior to the evening event.
Therefore, at this current time, we can not guarantee that the prom will go ahead this year.
With all this being said, we want to gauge interest in attending the event, should it go ahead in SOME format. The usual cost of tickets is around £40. We reiterate that we do not currently know if the Prom will be allowed to go ahead, or if there will be any regulations we will need to adhere to.
We welcome your response and comments below.
The closing date on the survey is 2pm Wednesday 28th April 2021. Pupils will need to log in to their Office 365 accounts in order to respond.