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Cardinal Griffin


To help engage your students at this crucial time we have an exciting opportunity for them to take control and accelerate their learning. 

The team at GCSEPod are thrilled to be collaborating with Cameron Parker, a renowned motivational speaker for schools and colleges. Through this collaboration we are recommending his free webinar to your students to inspire them to succeed. Including practical tips on how to use GCSEPod that Cameron will be incorporating into his session. 

On the 6th of October 2020 for 60 minutes your students will be transported in to a fast paced and high energy webinar which will coach them on:


1.How to prepare for the new school year, so that you can get the grades you deserve.

2.How to get motivated, when you really can’t be bothered.

3.How to bounce back from lockdown with confidence.

4.How to use anxiety and stress to your advantage.

5.How to use school, so that you CAN have the future you want.


Students can remain anonymous and parents can watch with them as Cameron makes goal setting, study strategies and building confidence seem easily attainable. 

“Cam was great at tailoring his work with the group to suit their needs and was so relatable to the pupils and it was clear they were captivated.”

Joe Sayce - Progress Leader for Key Stage Four - Acle Academy


We have already had an overwhelming response to this webinar and places are limited, so share this incredible opportunity with students today! 

Students can register for the webinar via https://www.gcsepod.com/free-resources/cameron-parker-webinar/ 

Looking forward to joining all your students on the 6th. 

Please note this webinar is run by Cameron Parker and not GCSEPod, students will register to his website and here is a copy of his privacy policy https://dreams2-reality.com/privacy-legal-information/