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The resources below can help students and their parents to start thinking about careers. They cover topics such as choosing a career and different routes into the world of work, as well as providing detailed information on specific careers. They can also help students make decisions about the next steps in their education, such as A level or degree subject choices, regardless of whether they’ve decided on a career.

A levels and Vocational Qualifications

Read up on how to select subjects which leave doors open to careers or degree subjects you might want to pursue – even if you’re not yet sure what you want to do in the future. https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/a-level-choices/315491-what-a-level-subjects-should-i-take

University study

Degree subject guides

Find out what it’s like to study different subjects at university, their typical entry requirements, whether they would suit you and what careers they might lead to. https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/degree-subject-guides

Choices about university

Get advice on choosing what and where to study for your degree, including how to make choices that are good for your future career. https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/choices-about-uni

Applying for university

Discover how to write a strong UCAS statement, perform well at university interviews or succeed in the Clearing process. https://targetcareers.co.uk/uni/applying-for-uni

Apprenticeships and sponsored degrees

Alternatives to traditional university study

Get an overview of choices at 18 that combine earning and learning, including apprenticeships of different levels, sponsored degrees and similar programmes. https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/work-v-uni/20-what-are-school-leaver-programmes-apprenticeships-and-sponsored-degrees

Choosing between work and university

Get help weighing up whether traditional university study or taking an apprenticeship, sponsored degree or similar would be the best choice for you. https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/work-v-uni

Career choices

Choosing your career

Start here if you don’t yet have specific careers in mind and want help generating ideas. https://targetcareers.co.uk/careers-advice/choosing-your-career

Types of career

Get detailed information on 12 key career areas, including what they involve, the different jobs available, how much they pay, how to get into them and whether they would suit you. https://targetcareers.co.uk/career-sectors

A–Z of jobs

Find job descriptions and information on entry routes for specific jobs with this A–Z. https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/job-descriptions 


Careermag for parents. Go to link: https://careermap.co.uk/careermag/

Careermag for Parents by Careermap aims to connect students and their parents to quality advice and guidance. Some of the features include:

  • Top tips for parents
  • What does diversity mean to you?
  • Creative careers, creative thinking
  • Gender and social stereotyping
  • Myth busting careers
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Financing university


If you are looking for some at home resources about careers, you may be interested in this  programme www.icould.com  which features over 1000 videos of real people talking about their careers as well as the Buzz Quiz, which helps students develop self-awareness and looks at how personality can affect work. 


Working Options in Education provide a vast range of video clips, resources and tips linked to real life careers. Employers and employees from a wide range of industries/companies give their advice or share their personal careers stories. This is a brilliant way of helping students transition to the workplace.

Go to link: www.workingoptions.org.uk   

These are some areas covered:

Careers – Covering a whole range of careers tips, advice and personal career journeys

Interview Techniques – A wide range of professional people sharing advice, including; how to prepare for an interview, how to ask the right questions, how to complete a job application form, preparing for interview tests and much more

Presentation Skills – What makes a good influencer? Making a good first impression, how to write a CV that stands out from the crowd, how to show you have the skills employers want

Team Working – Tips on how to be a team player

Problem Solving – How to be a problem-solving maestro

Other areas Student Zone covers are: Mental well-being; personal finance; healthy eating on a budget







www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers/levels-of-entry/apprenticeships www.stepintothenhs.nhs.uk/schools






www.nscg.ac.uk Stafford College

www.southstaffs.ac.uk South Staffordshire College

www.walsallcollege.ac.uk Walsall College

www.wolvcoll.ac.uk Wolverhampton College



LMI can be an extremely powerful tool and can be used to aid your job search.

LMI tells us what jobs exist, how many, and in which sectors and occupations. You can use this information to gather local intelligence on things like: where the next job opportunities are likely to arise, upcoming local opportunities in different sectors, pay levels, job security, how people are moving between employers and what the local skills gaps are; all of which will help you to make realistic and informed career decisions.

Use link; www.Imforall.org.uk/explore_Imi

Tip 1

Use LMI to find out where the jobs are. Take a look at the sectors, occupations and localities where job opportunities are on the increase, and what skills are needed for them.

Tip 2

LMI can help you identify the skills you might require. What are the skills gaps reported by local employers? Are these skills something you need to develop? Or, if you already possess them, consider how to give them more focus on your job applications and during interviews.

Tip 3

Use LMI to make career decisions. You can use LMI to find out about pay levels, job security and upcoming local opportunities in different sectors; all of which will help you to make realistic and informed career decisions.

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