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Cardinal Griffin

Weekly Update - 7th September 2020

Chewing Gum

Given the current climate, the use of chewing gum in the College is absolutely forbidden. Pupils who chew gum will be asked to remove the gum and keep it on their person in a wrapping, and they will receive a warning. If they are caught chewing gum on a second occasion, they will be excluded. The Governors of the College have a duty of care to all staff and pupils, and this includes our Site Management and Cleaning Teams. If these teams come into contact with gum, additional and time-consuming precautions have to be taken at the expense of their already onerous duties.

Social Distancing at the College Gates

Can we respectfully request that all adults dropping off and collecting pupils from our college observe the government rules on social distancing.  It is imperative that we maintain our level of awareness and observe the rules and regulations in place, thus reducing the risk of the COVID infection being passed on.

Masks in College

We ask that all pupils bringing a mask in to college also bring a plastic bag with them in which to place the mask when not in use.  This is to prevent cross-contamination of school bags and equipment.  Currently, there is no requirement for pupils to wear masks on the college site, but it is prudent for all pupils to have a mask on their person, should they need to access public transport or public areas before or after the college day.

Entrances to the College Site

The College site has been arranged into areas for specific year groups, ensuring year
group specific bubbles can be protected. In addition, separate entrances have been
allocated for pupils.  These can be viewed in the document attached to this news item.


Arrival Times

We need parents and pupils to arrive at College at the correct time and not arrive well in advance, unless public transport makes this impossible. Pupils are expected to be in their tutor rooms for the following times:

Rudiments (Year 7) 0835

Figures (Year 8) 0840

Lower Grammar (Year 9) 0845

Upper Grammar (Year 10) 0850

Syntax (Year 11) 0855

Poetry/Rhetoric (Year 12 & 13) 0900