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Cardinal Griffin

Y11 GCSE Revision Timetable

We want to support our students as much as possible, which is why we are providing a number of intervention sessions on the run up to examinations:

cardinal griffin intervention schedule .pdf

Top Tips for Staying Organised from Last Year’s Y11:

  • Pack your bag the night before- saves you rushing in the morning​
  • Use to-do lists on paper or your phone- this helps you stay on track of what you need to get done and prioritise​
  • Back up your electronic files- you do not want to lose work, back it up on cloud storage or memory sticks (check with teachers if this is allowed with coursework!)​
  • Think about how to store revision notes- you sometimes do not want lots of extra sheets in your books. Keep folders at home to store extra notes in​
  • Start revision in good time- homework helps with this, but do not leave things until the last minute. Go over things little and often​
  • Some reported having a whiteboard/notice board in their room was useful for reminders or displaying revision​
  • Getting enough rest- make sure you have wind down time before bed and do not work too late. You will burn out too quickly and not be very productive

To create your own personal revision planner, please see resource below:

y11 gcse revision timetables.pdf