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Cardinal Griffin

Medical Care Plans

We are aware a number of pupils have medical needs which they need to work with the College to manage. Should any pupil have either a temporary or ongoing medical need, in the first instance they should make contact with Mrs Fox on 01543 502215 who will begin the process of completing a Medical Care Plan. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Parent notifies the College of the medical need

Step 2: A Medical Care Plan form is issued to the parent to complete, giving details of any specific arrangements which are required. This form is returned to Mrs Fox.

Step 3: The Medical Care Plan will be reviewed and any issues clarified. Once this review has taken place, the plan will be enacted. Should the plan require the College to administer medicine, we will ask for a medicine form to be completed authorising us to do so. Once that is completed we will ask the parent to bring in the medicine to the College. 

Step 4: The pupil will be issued with a Medical card if required which sets out any reaonsable adjustments that apply to them, for example, the need to visit pupil services during lunchtimes to receive medication, or to leave class to undertake blood sugar tests. 

Step 5: The Medical Care Plan will be subject to review each term. The College will make contact with parents to request confirmation that the plan is still up to date, and if parents indicate it is not, then we will request the form is amended. Any reviews will be dealt with in the same way as step 3 of the process. 


If parents have any queries, please contact Mrs Fox on 01543 502215.