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Cardinal Griffin

The Jesuits in Britain

The Jesuit Institute and Jesuits in Britain

Jesuit schools exist to promote improvement in learning and living for the greater glory of God:

  • Finding God in All Things: A Jesuit school recognises that every aspect of its work can affirm the goodness and presence of God.
  • Caring for the individual: A Jesuit school focuses on the all-round formation of each person.
  • Showing love in deeds: A Jesuit school is characterised by generosity in service to others, particularly where human dignity is threatened.
  • Building Christian community: A Jesuit school fosters a faith commitment to Christ and prepares students for a fuller participation in the life of the Church.
  • Engaging with the wider world: A Jesuit school helps students to be sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses in contemporary society and to witness Christ’s presence in that society.
  • Encouraging excellence: A Jesuit school is distinguished for its academic, religious and pastoral provision, through which it encourages the fullest possible development of talents.
  • Co-operating in Jesuit mission: A Jesuit school works in co-operation with other Jesuit schools and ministries in the light of the apostolic and educational aims of the Society of Jesus.