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College Bus Applications 2022-2023

Timetables and application information for College buses are available in the documents below for the 2022-2023 College year.

The College operates four bus services using a mixture of minibuses and a double decker coach. 

Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis via our electronic form. All applications will are acknowledged once submitted automatically online. Applications will be processed once the first payment has been made and places will be issued by Friday 5th August. If you have not heard by this date, please make contact with the College as it may be your application was not successfully submitted online.    


Current Year 6 pupils should apply by Friday 15th July 2022. Year 6 parents are required to make their first payment by cash or cheque which must be handed in to the College reception prior to completing an application form.

Current Cardinal Griffin pupils should apply by 12pm on Tuesday 19th July 2022. Parent pay will be open for current pupils Monday 18th July 2022. 

In year applications may be subject to availability and may require being placed onto a waiting list if places are not available. 

College transport is provided as a goodwill support for parents and is not a statutory obligation. As such it remains the responsibility of parents to ensure their children attend College. 

Example Timetable


Seat applications

Below are the terms and conditions of travel, please read these carefully before deciding to proceed with an application. The link to the online application form can be found at the bottom of the terms and conditions and should only be used if you agree with these terms and conditions. 


Terms and Conditions


Seats will be issued subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

Legality of the agreement

1.1      This agreement is made between the parent/s named below and Cardinal Griffin Catholic College, Cardinal Way, Stafford Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 4AW and runs from the date at which the agreement is signed until 31st August 2022.

1.2    Each party represents and warrants to the other that (a) it has the full power to enter into this Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder, (b) this Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation of such party, enforceable against such party in accordance with its terms, and (c) this Agreement does not contravene, violate or conflict with any other agreement of such party.

1.3   This agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Limitations of the agreement

2.1        The parent/s agree that the statutory responsibility to ensure a child attends College remains a parental one under section 7 of the 1996 Education Act and entering into this agreement does not transfer that responsibility to the College. 

2.2        The parent/s agree that this service is offered as a discretionary service in order to assist pupils in travelling to attend the College, there is no statutory obligation on the College to provide the service.  As such the service is offered ‘as is’ and is organised so as to accommodate the most pupils in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.  The service, its operation, routes, bus stops, timetables and organisation are determined on the basis of organisational efficiency and while being open to parental consultation and feedback, are not subject to parental agreement or negotiation.  The service is not a bespoke service. 

2.3        The parent/s accept that the College will aim to ensure that no pupil has to walk further than 1.5 miles from their home to the nearest bus stop wherever possible, this is half the statutory walking distance used to determine whether a child is entitled to transportation, however, in certain circumstances the College may determine that a walk up to the statutory distance is required. 

2.4        The College uses the statutory distance of 3 miles to determine whether a child is eligible for College transport. No service will be offered if the postcode of the child is within 3 miles of the College, unless there is a vacant seat after all other pupils have been accommodated.

2.5        The parent/s accept that if there is a greater number of applications than seats prior to the deadline for applications, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis by year group. After the deadline seats will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis irrespective of year group. For the avoidance of doubt the deadline for current Year 6 pupils is Friday, 15th July 2022. For current pupils, the deadline is 12 noon Tuesday 19th July 2020.

2.6        The parent/s accept that the responsibility for their child’s safety while walking to or waiting at the bus stops is a parental responsibility.   

2.7        Provision of a seat does not imply that the college will assume responsibility for transporting the pupil to the college in future years. 

2.8        Existing seat holders must re-apply for their seat each year.  No guarantee is made that seats will be available on an on-going basis. 

2.9        The bus route will not be amended/diverted for seat pass holders.  Pupils will have to board the vehicle at an existing pick-up point, except for National Express Rugeley bus which may stop at any marked Bus Stop.  Due to the nature of bus routes, the nearest pick-up point to your home address may vary during the course of the year.    

2.10      The number of seats available may vary from year to year as the number of pupils entitled to transport fluctuates and vehicle sizes may also change when contracts are renewed.

2.11     The service operates only at the times set out in the schedule.  An agreement to provide transport at these times does not constitute an obligation to provide transport at any other time.  This includes where teaching sessions run as twilight sessions, where extra-curricular activities take place, where pupils are on school trips which return outside of College hours or in any other circumstance where the pupil is unable to travel at the specified time.  No refunds will be given for journeys not taken and no discount will be offered if pupils, for whatever reason, do not utilise their ability to travel at the times specified.  

Conditions of carriage

3.1    The parent/s agree that provision of transport to college is provided subject to behaviour while on the transport being consistent with the College’s behaviour policy. They further agree that pupils MUST wear seatbelts where they are available and should not act in a way that causes distraction to the driver of any vehicle.  They accept that College reserve the right to terminate transportation without refund for any pupil whose behaviour, in its opinion, breaches this condition.

3.2   The parent/s and pupils agree that pupils purchasing seats will be issued with appropriate passes and pupils must carry the pass every day that the seat is required. They accept that travel may be refused if a pass is not available for inspection.  They further accept that if transport is refused parents will remain responsible for ensuring the pupil is transported to and from the college. This will not constitute a valid reason for their child to be absent from college.

3.3        All passes issued under this scheme for Cardinal Griffin mini buses remain the property of the Cardinal Griffin Catholic College and a charge of £5.00 will be made to replace any passes that are lost or defaced.

Payment and Passes

4.1        The charge for seat provision is on a return journey basis – no one way passes are available. 

4.2        Passes are purchased on an annual basis, pupils ceasing to use the transport will be required to give notice.  Any refund will apply for the remaining whole half-terms, and not from the date of termination.  The only exception to this will be where a child changes school.

4.3        The number of days travelled or distance has no bearing on the price for this provision.  This also includes pupils on study leave, who must continue to make full payment during the study leave period and to pupils who have been excluded from the College on a fixed term basis.

4.4        Passes will not be issued until payment has been paid.  All payments are made in the month prior to the half-term to which transport applies. 

4.5        If an application is withdrawn after payment has been received, the pass must be returned for a refund. 

4.6        The College will not accept any disagreement about the location of bus stops, the timetable, the cost of the service or any other operational issue as an acceptable reason for the withholding of payment.  The service is provided ‘as is’ and is not subject to negotiation.

4.7        A reduction in the price for families with more than one sibling in the college, we will use the strict criteria applied in the admissions policy to determine the definition of sibling.  Where this applies a reduction of £120.00 for the second and subsequent children will apply.  Both applications must be returned at the same time and marked accordingly.

4.8        The parent/s agree to make the payments as set out in the tables below:


Payment amounts:

First child

Second and subsequent children

£546 per annum or £91 by each payment due date listed below.

£426 per annum or £71 by each payment due date listed below.


Pupils entitled to Staffordshire County Council Free Transport (documentation required)


£0 per annum

These amounts will be pro-rata for those who join the scheme part way through the year


Payment Due Dates:


Tuesday 19th July 2022, 12 noon

Monday 13th February 2023, 5pm

Monday 17th October 2022, 5pm

Monday 27th March 2023, 5pm

Monday 12th December 2022, 5pm

Monday 15th May 2023, 5pm

4.9        If payments are defaulted, Cardinal Griffin Catholic College reserve the right to terminate transport with immediate effect from the day following the deadline for payment.  This payment method may not be allowed to be used the following year and the college may insist that payment for future transport is paid upfront for the whole year, or remainder of the year, in a single transaction.  If transport is refused on this basis it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the pupil is transported to and from the college and this will not constitute a valid reason for not attending the College. 

4.10      Where transport has been terminated due to non-payment, if a pupil uses the transport to travel to the College, parents will be contacted and asked to make arrangements for their collection at the end of the College day.  A charge of £5.00 per one-way journey will be charged for each journey travelled under these circumstances.  These same arrangements will apply to pupils travelling on the transport having not applied for and been allocated a place. 

4.11      Where a payment is not made and transport has been used the college reserve the right to use debt recovery agencies to recover the outstanding amount.  Costs for this, where legally allowed, will be passed on to the debtors.  

4.12      Where debts remain outstanding for more than 30 days from the delivery of the service, the College reserves the right to charge interest on all outstanding amount of 8% above the Bank of England interest rate, calculated on a daily basis. 

4.13      Where debts remain outstanding for more than 30 days from the delivery of the service, the College reserves the right to impose a charge of £40 for the costs of debt recovery. 

4.14      Where debt recovery procedures are entered into the College will use statutory provision to pass on legal costs and costs with enforcement to the debtor.

4.15      Where a parent / guardian is consistently making late payments, the College reserves the right to limit ALL paid for College activities to a payment in advance only payment method, meaning that no facility will be offered to pay by instalments.  Where this is the case the decision will be reviewed annually by the Governing Body. 

4.16      If a parent/guardian is having difficulty making payments, they should contact the College in the first instance to discuss this.  Whether or not contact has been made will be taken into consideration when agreeing debt recovery procedures. 

4.17      If a parent/guardian is having difficulty making payments, they should also seek debt advice.  A number of organisations including Citizens Advice offer free advice on debt management.  A full list is available from the College on request. 

4.18      Where a pupil does not use a vehicle for part of a term (illness, holiday, exams etc.), or the vehicle does not operate (e.g. inclement weather), refunds cannot be made. 

4.19     Where the vehicle does not operate or cannot operate at full capacity as a result of any public health issue or pandemic and the College continues under statue or contract law to be liable for the operating costs, the College reserves the right to charge parents some or all of the cost of the service in order to retain their right to travel.  

4.20      Where applications are received prior to the specified deadline these will be considered and places allocated prior to September.  If applications are made after this date the College will endeavour to offer a seat on a service if one is available.  If one is not available the College will offer the option to travel on any other service which has an available seat and will advise the nearest bus stop to a pupils' home.  If there are not seats available on any service the College will support parents in securing alternative public transport through the provision of advice on timetables and routes which may be suitable.  Pupils will also be placed on a waiting list which will be reviewed should a place become available on any route.  

Adjustment to routes and timetables

5.1        The College operates the transport in good faith.  Where it is judged that weather conditions seriously jeopardise the safety of other pupils and/or the driver, the College reserves the right to amend or cancel the timetabled routes.  No refund will be given.  Reasonable attempts will be made to inform parents of this.  This may result in pupils having to wait longer than usual at stops as a consequence of poor road conditions.   

5.2        The College will not be responsible for road traffic conditions which cause a delay to the timetable. 

5.3        Where roadworks take place the College reserves the right to change the location of bus stops to ones which are not in the affected part of the routes. 

5.4        The College cannot guarantee that during inclement weather or in the event of poor traffic conditions that it can adhere to the timetable of stops.  Where this is the case the College will not, without informing parents, seek to depart any stop earlier than the published timetable, but may arrive later. 

Processing of personal data

6.1        In order to operate the service it is necessary for the College to process data relating to the pupil using the service, their home address, previous school information, their entitlement to religion, date of birth, Free School Meals and Pupil Premium eligibility, telephone numbers, email addresses and information about their siblings.  By using the service pupils and their parents are deemed to have given consent for their data to be used and processed for this purpose and to be shared, where appropriate, with the bus companies, Local Authority, Teachers2Parents, ParentPay and the pupil’s previous school.

6.2      This agreement is subject to change at any point providing 14 calendar days’ notice in writing.  Parents not wishing to accept any changes will be able to withdraw from the agreement with no penalty (but subject to payment for any days they have used) providing they serve notice within 7 days of the change coming into effect.

6.3  In the event of a dispute between the College and parents which despite best efforts cannot be resolved, the College retains the right to terminate the contract by refunding any unused travel days.  The amount refunded will be a pro-rata amount for the proportion of the 380 journeys per year.  

Seat application form 2022 - 2023