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Welcome to Sixth Form

Cardinal Griffin Catholic College Sixth Form is an exciting place to be for young people at this stage of their education and as they begin to make important decisions regarding their future. 
All Teachers, Support Staff and the dedicated Sixth Form Team are on hand to assist any and all students with their next steps in education. At Cardinal Griffin we strive to ensure all students reach their full potential, make informed decisions regarding their futures and become Men and Women for others in their every day life. 

There are a variety of courses offered at Cardinal Griffin Sixth Form including A-level and vocational qualifications that suit the uniqueness of each student and their individual goals, opening pathways to university, apprenticeships or full time employment.

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We recognise that every sixth form student is different. Depending on their aspirations and ambitions, students will choose their own unique journey through our sixth form. Our job is to nurture and strengthen this, giving them the confidence to believe they can reach their goals, and provide the high quality teaching to ensure they achieve results they are capable of. 

Mrs Wynne-Jones, Head of Sixth Form.

Entry into Cardinal Griffin Catholic College Sixth Form

 At Sixth Form, we have high expectations for all Year 12 and 13 students. For this reason entry for current Year 11 students and external candidates is not automatically granted. All students must demonstrate that they possess the minimum entry requirements, this is inclusive of their academic performance and behaviour.

Our entry requirements are designed as a supportive safeguard to ensure that students are on the most appropriate route at a crucial time in their educational journey. The specific course entry requirements are posted each academic year alongside our prospectus for the most up-to-date information.

Sixth Form Prospectus

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Choosing the Right Course

Choosing 3-4 subjects can be an extremely difficult decision for many of our students. The advice we give to most of our students is to choose subjects that you enjoy and are good at! Students then study topics which are engaging or interesting to them and play to their individual strengths. For example some subjects are entirely exam-based whereas others have coursework elements. 

However, students with specific career goals in mind should conduct their research. Some career pathways, university courses or vocations will ask for specific A-levels or qualifications. This information should be easily found on University websites. Check these requirements before making your final choices to ensure you are studying the right combination of subjects.

Here are some useful websites:

Informed Choices Website

My SACU Student Website


We do not shy away from the message that to achieve well means to work hard. Students can be confident that the courses offered have been thoroughly checked to ensure they are the best available and students needs are matched to the courses offered.

Mrs Wynne-Jones, Head of Sixth Form.

Duty of Care 

Cardinal Griffin Catholic College has a duty to ensure the safety of all students at all times, by law. In order to fulfill this obligation, it is essential that Year 12 and 13 students sign in and out every time they arrive on-site or leave the college grounds. 

Sixth Form students must remain on College site for all study periods unless they are granted study leave which is clearly communicated with both the student and their parents. All students are permitted to sign out at break and lunch time. 

Study leave entitlement is review on a regular basis and non-biased decisions are made using a students attendance and academic performance.

This policy reflects the College's legal obligation for duty of care.

Contact Information

Mrs Wynne-Jones, Head of Sixth Form - l.wynne-jones@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk
Miss Chambers, Head of Year 12 and 13 -  e.chambers@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk 
Miss Murphy, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager - b.murphy@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk